Group 2 Heating Up

December 1, 2019

On paper Bruce Kett is out of the Group 2 Championship given his massive points loss from the previous round, however he is making the other contenders work extremely hard to stay in front.

Flatout Racing's Shane Holland has proven his pace to date while driving the last season Championship winning Camaro, however he lost 50 points due to a penalty from a Round 2 racing infringement. This left him languishing in 3rd overall behind Andrew Sinclair in the Chickadee Commodore and Steve Noyer in the Moselle Racing Team Mustang.

Due to the tightness of the points allocation system for the category Holland must fight extremely hard for every point from now on, and from the Saturday races he was able to claw a marginal amount back – but he will still need some help in the form of other competitors losing out from their own penalties or any failure to start or finish races.

From the two Saturday runs Noyer was able to take a major chunk away from the Championship leader to now sit only 1 point behind, with Sinclair coming into Sunday’s races on 507 and Noyer on 506.

However, Holland has closed the gap to be on 471 and that 36 point separation to the leader can easily be closed with just one race – since a win gives you 50 points. It won’t be easy for Holland though, with a Handicap and Scratch race to come he will be wanting to stay clean and out of trouble.

Kett is out to do one thing only – finish in front of as many of his fellow Group 2 competitors as possible. He can ignore the points for now as he comes into Sunday 193 points adrift of Sinclair, but if he focuses on accumulation across the remainder of Round 3, and then applies the same principle for the remaining four rounds he might be able to upset the front-runners.

Noyer is looking to improve his own performances having acknowledged that he may have been too cavalier and relaxed so far this season. Knowing the pace of Holland he will need to keep that uplifted mentality intact across the remainder of the season while also trying to gain advantages over Sinclair.

After the Saturday Qualifying and Races Holland is leading the individual round on 108 points, followed by Kett on 106, Noyer on 105 and Sinclair 103.

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