Practice 1 & 2


After a Drivers Briefing first thing, it was back to the Pits to warm the cars up for Practice 1. Here it is at last, for a lot of the CMC Drivers, the dream is now about to become a reality, to get out onto the Bathurst Racetrack.

For most, it was an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the track and get a feel for what it had to offer. For others, the simulator time had paid off and they were gone. Unfortunately the CMC drivers hadn't been given transponders so there were no official times available.

The practice session lasted 20 minutes and afterwards, there were a lot of excited drivers. Back to the Pits for cool down and to adjust any issues there may have been during that session.

Practice 2 was at 2.45pm and the track was a lot warmer and offered a lot more grip than the morning session. Most now having familiarised them selves with the track layout, were more comfortable and speeds were way quicker as well.

Of the CMC Drivers, Dean Perkins was the quickest, followed by John Midgley and David Hopper, all very accomplished drivers. Unfortunately there were 3 who didn't finish the session however they are all very keen to get back out there for Qualifying tomorrow.