Fogg Nails Door Shut

March 10, 2019


It was one of the crazy races as the ENZED Central Muscle Cars fired around the Hampton Downs circuit on Sunday afternoon.

The final race was back to regular order as a scratch race with the fastest out front, Angus Fogg and Dean Perkins to lead the fray.

From the start Fogg was swamped by both Perkins and Hugh Gardiner, but he quickly recovered and within one lap was hunting Perkins down.

The middle order pack were fighting amongst themselves as well, Clarke Hopkins and Craig Boote moving around each other, before Hopkins started to lose ground on the higher horsepower machines.

Andrew Anderson was in the thick of it as well, hanging onto the tailpipe of Greg Honnor, with Grant Dalton behind them both, but to far back to be in the fight.

With 4 laps remaining Fogg had moved himself out to an impressive 7.5 second lead that was growing turn by turn.

The battle behind him for the minor placings was still between Anderson, Honnor and Gardiner, with the latter holding sway.

With 3 remaining Gardiner lost it all, having to take evasive action from his own doing, and going up an unused part of the circuit as a run off. That left Perkins still out on his own in 2nd, with Anderson and Honnor still bumper to bumper.

Down the back of the field with the Group 2 competitors the chase for points was still hot, but Paul Boden lost a lot of ground to his 1-2 contender Mark Holland. Their fight will go down to the final round at Taupo.

Meanwhile on the final lap Anderson finally took a shot, he got past Honnor for about 1 second before losing traction in wild fashion and letting Honnor back in. He won't go home thinking he let a chance go by. It was racing action at its finest.

But up front it was Angus Fogg for the win, his massive gap to Perkins showing how good both man and machine were for the weekend.

Now everyone is starting to check the records to see if any other competitor has ever done a 4 from 4 at a Central Muscle Cars round.

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