Hat Trick for Fogg

March 10, 2019


There were only 8 laps available for the rear of the field to make any moves through the handicap grid this morning.

Trevor Swan once again lead the group on his own, but was soon swamped by the higher horsepower machinery of Paul Boden and Greig Running.

At the halfway point of the race Steve Doughty had caught the front 3, and grabbed the lead, but that was his only glory as Angus Fogg had suddenly appeared behind him - from the rear of the grid to top 3 and then the lead inside of 4 laps...

He was alone in his quest though. His closest followers from the rear of the entire pack were Hugh Gardiner and Andrew Anderson and they had only managed to reach 6th and 7th in the field - and no Dean Perkins in sight - he is now playing the smart points game for the chance to repeat his Championship title.

The mid pack starters were fighting hard to gain more important points, with Doughty holding onto 3rd, and Greg Honnor sneaking his way into 2nd.

Craig Boote in his @Boss Motorsport NZ Mustang had a flyer as well and finished in 4th, taking more valuable points away from Clarke Hopkins in 5th, and of course the aforementioned Anderson and Perkins.

Bruce Kett was the best of the Group 2 cars, with Boden and Mark Holland having to relinquish the higher grabs to him as their own title fight continues.

But the moment of glory once again goes to Angus Fogg who is proving impossible to touch so far this weekend.

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