May 8, 2019

Steve Doughty held his nerve and retained his composure to win both the afternoon race and the Group 1B title today.

With the only requirement being for him to finish, taking a race win was the icing on the cake.

"It was really slippery out there but I'm absolutely wrapped with the result, that means tomorrow I can go out, just have fun and destroy a set of tyres" he exclaimed.

Meanwhile the other two Championships are still in play, but the result is certainly much more likely than it was this morning.

Clarke Hopkins made good during the afternoon race to finish 2nd, a good points accumulation but it would still require a disaster from those in front of him if he was to move higher up the ladder.

Grant Dalton was reasonably pleased to come in 3rd knowing that it helped keep Fogg at bay - for now at least.

Fogg ended up in 8th place after two separate issues with his car, a damaged gearbox and a small off, not the best way to follow on from the morning race, but given it was a handicap and he started at the rear of the field it was satisfactory enough to keep him in contention for 2nd overall.

Paul Boden came through in 4th, with Mark Holland in 6th, and whilst that was a few extra points for Boden it still has him sitting 2nd in the Group 2 Championship.

Dean Perkins however is still in the most prime of positions. He garnered another 5th placing which is where he also finished in the morning race, and those results are a perfect accumulation of points for him.

With two races remaining, and both Perkins and Holland only needing to finish either one of them, they will be listening intently to every tiny little noise that appears from their cars, willing them to hold on for those few more laps, and for themselves and every other competitor to be clean and incident free.

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