May 8, 2019

In Championship continuing form, the Ford Falcon piloted by Dean Perkins has once again taken the ENZED Central Muscle Cars Group 1 title.

Having to only finish the morning race of the final round, Perkins started near the back of the field due to the handicap race format.

From there it was a clean and concise effort from the driver as he casually weaved his way through the other cars to be leading by the final lap.

With Angus Fogg closing in quickly from behind Perkins was able to hold his lead - even if it was unnecessary - to take the race win and the title.

Now his thoughts will go to a more relaxed and fun final race - where the trackside viewers are likely to see a traditional motorsport finish of rubber smoke and destroyed tyres.

For the other Group 1 position chasers - Fogg and Dalton - the afternoon and final race of the season will confirm their standings in the Muscle Car history files.

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