May 8, 2019

After three years of trying, with his wife and son watching on, Flatout Racing's Mark Holland has finally secured an ENZED Central Muscle Cars title with his Group 2 Camaro. 

In total opposite scenario to Group 1 winner Perkins, Holland was content to play the conservative game, circulating with consistently fast lap times, while staying away from any potential incidents with other drivers.

"It feels awesome!" he exclaimed immediately post race, "it's a massive thanks to everyone in the background that helped me get there".

For the other Group 2 challengers - Paul Boden and Bruce Kett - it's now a matter of consolidating their own positions in the final outing on Sunday afternoon.

That however is unlikely to be simply a cruise race for them, both competitors will be looking to finish with a flourish while Holland will be enjoying his time on the Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park soaking in what has transpired across the season for him.

In a small twist to end the season for the team, it may or may not be the final race for this particular Holland in the maroon machine.

"We're actually looking for a car for my son Shane to drive, it may end up being this one and I could find something different for me - maybe a move up to Group 1, it all depends on what can be found or built"

Whatever the case is, Mark Holland will return next season, but at this time it's unknown if it will be to defend the title or chase a different trophy.

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