Round 4 - Highlands

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Round win to FOGG

January 19, 2020

It was a dramatic start to the race when Andy Knight stalled forcing those behind to take evasive action in all directions. Read more

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Hopkins For the WIN

January 19, 2020



Clarke Hopkins in his HRT Racing Team Torana has taken the win for Race 3 at Highlands Motorsport Park - the ultimate payback to his crew and all those who helped get his car back onto the racetrack this weekend. Read more

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Race 2 Insanity

January 18, 2020

An amazing finish to a crazy race. . . The Handicap start saw Sean Fowler leading the way, a position he held for the first 2 laps until he put himself onto the grass. The race then became Peter Templeton, Janine Douglas, and Paul Boden. Read more

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Battle begins at Highlands

January 18, 2020

It was a flying start for Andy Knight who gained an immediate two spots from the green flag getting past both Dean Perkins and Michael Wallace before the first turn. Angus Fogg however was able to hold the lead as the competitors completed the first lap. Read more