Battle begins at Highlands

January 18, 2020

It was a flying start for Andy Knight who gained an immediate two spots from the green flag getting past both Dean Perkins and Michael Wallace before the first turn. Angus Fogg however was able to hold the lead as the competitors completed the first lap.

At the rear of the field things didn’t pan out for Steve Scoles who came out of the final turn at full pace but on the wrong line, his bright orange Camaro donating a huge amount of paint to the concrete wall and Scoles simply became a passenger the now heavily damaged machine.

The drivers had to circulate for a multitude of laps behind the safety car which changed the race from a 10 lap feature to a time certain.

Upon restart Perkins was able to take back the spot he lost to Knight, and that then allowed Wallace to start a new attack, and he too was able to get around Knight to move himself into 3rd.

Back in 4th Tristan Teki was dialled in, clearly sorting his brake issues to be in the hunt for a podium position.

Brendan Mason in the ex-Dalton Camaro was showing that the car is still a front pack machine as he was in a tight battle for a top 5 spot.

At the end of the time certain race the top 3 were Fogg, Perkins and Wallace, with Andy Knight having a clear problem with the car and losing 7 spots in the final lap. Teki was able to hold onto 4th with Mason 5th.

Dean Hansen moved up one spot from where he started to finish 6th, with Steve Ross gaining 2 positions to claim 7th.

Craig Boote was 8th, with Knight able to just hold off Clarke Hopkins who took 10th.

That final dramas arrived post-race though, with Michael Wallace being handed a 5 second post race penalty for a jump start moving him down the order to be placed 8th overall.

Tristan Teki now moves to 3rd for the race - his first podium in the Batmobile Camaro.

The official results for the top section are as follows:

1 - Angus Fogg
2 - Dean Perkins
3 - Tristan Teki
4 - Brendan Mason
5 - Dean Hansen
6 - Steve Ross
7 - Craig Boote
8 - Michael Wallace

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