Round win to FOGG

January 19, 2020

It was a dramatic start to the race when Andy Knight stalled forcing those behind to take evasive action in all directions.

The driver was starting on the second row and lost a vast amount of positions before he was able to restart the car and head off to race.

Dean Perkins got the best of the starts, pulling to the lead immediately ahead of Angus Fogg, but by the end of the 2nd lap Fogg had caught Perkins and was able to take an inside pass just ahead of the last bend.

Michael Wallace and Craig Boote were next in the pack with Dean Hansen and Tristan Teki close in behind, but all of them were off the pace of Perkins and Fogg.

By the 4th lap Knight had moved back up to 5th and would start his fight with Boote and Wallace, of which he made quick work of Boote’s Mustang to slot himself into 4th.

Meanwhile in Group 2 Shane Holland was in 11th, well ahead of his closest rival for the Championship Steve Noyer who was back in 16th and having to find a way past Tony Boyden.

As the 10 lap race clicked past lap number 7, Knight had closed right onto the back of Wallace, with Fogg and Perkins still leading, while Teki and Hopkins were fighting for 6th spot currently held by Hansen.

2 laps remaining and Perkins had lost his grip on Fogg, the J.A. Russell Mustang had pulled a 1.2 second lead, a comfortable gap that wouldn’t allow a chance for a pass.

Come the final lap and there were two dramas in the field, Bruce Kett spinning his Group 2 Camaro – his second rotation of the weekend, and Steve Noyer spinning his Group 2 Mustang and having to deal with his second DNF of the weekend.

As the chequered flag dropped Angus Fogg was a clear winner although he had dropped down in pace a bit due to lapped traffic to finish a mere half second ahead of Perkins.

Knight was able to claw his way into 3rd but the deficit of 15 seconds between himself and the leaders meant a challenge for spots would never happen – however, even though he didn’t grab a 1st or 2nd place you could easily claim his effort as the drive of the weekend, due to his regain of track positions coming from as far back as he did.

Wallace held 4th over Hansen with Boote having to suffer another mechanical issue, dropping him from 5th to 18th during the last lap.

The top ten was completed by Teki, Hopkins, Ross, Mason and Holland – another stellar effort from the Group 2 Camaro driver who has been consistently mixing his car with the much higher horsepowered Group 1 machines. His Championship hopes lifted further with the demise of Noyer.

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