2020 Champions Confirmed

March 31, 2020

Based on the decision that Supercars made to postpone their meetings, the CMC Season for 2019/20 was declared over after the 6th round at Manfeild.

With Covid-19 making so many changes to the way everything operates and the widespread implications it will have, the CMC Committee made the decision to end the season one round early.

Our congratulations to the following Champions:


Group 1A
1st - Dean Hansen 1151
2nd - Dean Perkins 1076
3rd - Angus Fogg 1053

Group 1B
1st - Tony Boyden 975
2nd - Andrew Turner 456
3rd - Cam Crawford 326

Group 2
1st - Shane Holland 1193
2nd - Bruce Kett 923
3rd - Steve Noyer 906

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