Fogg On Fire At Manfeild

February 15, 2020


Angus has once again shown his intent with a solid win in the J.A.Russell Mustang helping to close the points gap on Perkins and Hansen.

Starting from second-to-last in the handicap grid race Fogg had a much better start keeping up with Dean Perkins off the line and was then able to make a pass during the opening lap.

For Perkins the race wasn’t what he wanted. Not only was he behind Fogg from the outset, he started to overheat the red Falcon and had to settle into circulation mode rather than attack mode. He crossed the line in 9th position, well down on expectations.

Dean Hansen however was loving the handicap race, he gained three spots within the first three laps and as each circulation went by he was able to gain more and more of the valuable positions, crossing the line in 4th place and regaining any Championship points lost from the first race.

The Group 2 cars had a good run, Paul Boden taking 2nd with Championship points leader Shane Holland sitting in 3rd.

After repairing the car from the fire damage of Race 1, Michael Eden was off-track during the first lap, and subsequently pitted. The car needing more work before the Sunday runs.

Peter Ward was once again showing that he has an ability to set super quick lap times in the Torana, but he bogged the car down again at the start and on the second-to-last lap he lost power steering during the high speed final turn which he was unable to compensate for in time, and he ended up being stranded in the gravel trap.

The race however was owned by Angus Fogg. He selected his corner passing chances carefully on some, and used the horsepower on the straights to get around the others. It’s highly likely that we will see more of the same during the first race on Sunday.

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