The Math for Group 1

February 15, 2020

In a nutshell the Championship is relatively simple - and at the end of it there are three important factors at play. However, before we get to those parts, let's look at how the points work.

Points separation from your opponents is very difficult to achieve with 50 points given for a win, 49 for 2nd, 48 for 3rd and so on.

Qualifying also garners you points with 10 being given to the fastest, 9 for 2nd quickest, 8 for 3rd, down to 1 point for coming in 10th. For spots 11 and down you get one point for completing the qualifying session.

Then there are also the penalties and they come in two forms.

A DNF means you don't gain any points which in itself is costly and therefore considered a penalty, and if any racing infractions are handed out, they result in 50 points being removed from your balance. Yes it's harsh but it really helps reduce the carnage and dirty play on the track.

So, therefore, those penalties play a big part and they are two of the three factors. The third one is making sure you finish as high as possible so that any deficits that your fellow racers receive are taken advantage of in the best possible way.

Now we crunch the numbers.

At this point in the Championship, Round 6, having completed a qualifying session and two races, Dean Hansen still holds sway on the points with 1054 to his name. Dean Perkins is still second on the table but he is 73 points behind on 981, with Angus Fogg on 960 which is 94 points behind Hansen.

After day one of Round 6 at Manfeild there are still six races and one qualifying session left in the season.

And what does all that mean? It means Perkins and Fogg have a current separation of only 21 points and they can’t risk any more DNF’s or penalties. They also have to feature high in the points haul and cross their fingers that Hansen’s consistency form has some kind of hiccup.

Let’s be clear though, no-one wishes on their opposition to fail, they don’t want them to crash or suffer a breakdown, they want to challenge them fair and square on the track. But also in saying that, every driver and team in the field wants to win the Championship and they will gladly take the points given to them – no matter how they come.

So for the Group 1 battle, Dean Hansen Racing simply needs to remain on the track, stay out of trouble, and make zero mistakes while still trying to gain as many points as possible. Easier said than done.

Angus Fogg Racing and Dean Perkins can't sit back and simply circulate either. They must be up the front, they must take as many points as they can get and try navigate the risks that come with that situation.

There is immense pressure on all three drivers to perform well, and also on their teams to ensure that a well prepared car is placed on the track. Neither party can produce errors.

It's always been said that consistency wins Championships - and nothing could be truer than that expression at this time of the season.

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